Will Wood

Hey there! I’m Will, a casino and sportsbook writer from the UK. I’ve been involved with the iGaming industry since 2016 and built an extensive knowledge base.

I first stepped into the world of online gaming after a stint working in a school. English and mathematics were my areas of expertise, so writing about iGaming was a perfect fit. I initially used my maths skills to focus on sports betting, but video slots and blackjack soon caught my eye.

After making the move into iGaming writing, I’ve never looked back.

Will Wood



iGaming Author


Since taking my first steps into iGaming writing, I’ve covered many topics for various outlets. My primary expertise is in video slots and sports betting. Because of my background in mathematics, the ability to use these skills to calculate the best opportunities was most appealing.

I’ve written countless video slot guides, blogs on sports betting methods, and articles about blackjack tactics. I’m dedicated to increasing my knowledge and experience, so I spend most of my days researching new releases and playing methods.

I’ve learned as an iGaming writer that there’s no guaranteed way to win. All you can do is mitigate risks, and I’m dedicated to helping players understand the inner workings of every game they try.

How I Became an iGaming Expert

You often hear about location, location, location being critical when buying or selling a property. Well, my journey in iGaming is underpinned by practice, practice, practice. I’ve made thousands of mistakes when playing, and every single one has helped improve my knowledge and increase my aptitude.

I’ve made those mistakes to help you avoid them in the future, and I use that experience in every article I write. I refuse to provide false information; my integrity is more valuable than anything. So, when you read something I’ve written, you can count on it being factual and rooted in my experience.

What to Expect from Me

When you read an article I wrote, you can expect three things:

  • Honesty
  • Informative Content
  • Critical Details

I ensure I focus on these three key areas when I craft content. I only use facts to back up my opinions, whether it’s a positive or negative outlook. Informing readers is essential to me. I want everyone to come away from reading my work with new insights. Finally, I hone in on the vital aspects of every topic I write about. I cut through the fluff so you can start playing sooner.