Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is incorporated within the Terms and Conditions of the website. The Privacy Policy will provide information as to terms of use, conditions, and the extent of usage. By continuing to use the Site and accessing its Services and Content, you consent to the Privacy Policy's terms. Therefore, you should make sure you read the Privacy Policy.

Type of Data We Collect

The Site collects two types of data:

  • Personal Data collected on the Site includes personal information, your IP address, device ID, browser history, and other non-identifiable data.
  • Non-Personal Data collected on the Site includes this is all information that does not contain any personal information.

When data incorporates both personal as well non-personal data, this will be referred to as Personal Data.

Ways We Collect The Data

Voluntarily collected data refers to all data which the user of the Site willingly, through prompt consent, inputs onto the Site. Often this information is Personal Data.

Automatically is data that is obtained through cookies and tracking tools when you access the Site.


Cookies are small encrypted text files that are assigned and become embedded into your computer whenever you use a website. These are not harmful files but help for different purposes. The Site will make use of cookies and tracking tools, as part of standard industry practice to enhance the Site.

For clarity, the different types of cookies and their functions are:

Functional, Essential, Security, and Operational Cookies

These are the essential cookies that enable safe and secure browsing through the internet. Because they are functional cookies that allow for authentication, disabling them is not recommended and/or not possible.

Analytic, Performance, and Measurement Cookies

We use these cookies to gather information. This information includes how users access and navigate our Site and how they interact with it. This information helps the Site to improve both ease of navigation as well as improve on the content and Services offered on the Site.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies

These are market-targeting advertising cookies. Based on information gathered from your internet browsing, these cookies will display user-customised adverts through the website. These cookies share information on sites you have viewed with other networks for advertising efficacy and require your consent in order to track your browser history. We will not be making use of these cookies.

Should you decide to discontinue the use of cookies, it is possible to do so by simply executing the instructions of your web browser. This action, though will greatly impact our Site’s ability to perform satisfactorily and also limit your virtual engagement. Kindly visit in order to learn more about cookies as well as how to disable them.

Our Site will also run beacons, widgets and other technologies in order to collect more non-personal information relating to your browsing behaviour. The purpose is purely for statistical and analytical purposes. The information collected through such tracking technologies by third parties on our behalf helps provide technical diagnostics and analyses.

How We Use Collected Information

Within the legal framework, we will be making use of your data in the subsequent events:

  • For as long as your interest and fundamental rights are protected, we (or a third party) will only be using your data for legitimate interest.
  • On a legal basis, you will be prompted to consent to the use and processing of your data. Consent will be sought for any third-party direct marketing, which will be communicated to you through your email. Kindly contact us should you wish to withdraw your consent to marketing rightfully.

As described in the Privacy Policy, we will be using your personal information. Your personal information may, within legitimate interests and purposes and without violation of your fundamental rights and interests, as mentioned above, will be used to:

  • Provide our Services.
  • Through open lines of communication, we will respond to your queries as well as keep you informed through updates and newsletters via email.
  • Business development and enhance business strategy.
  • Troubleshooting and support Site Services.
  • Be informative and provide information about your members to the Site.

For purposes of business expansion, product delivery, visit Site interaction and exchange and marketing, as explained above, the personal information collected is legitimately necessary for the Site. The non-personal information collected is used to analyse:

  • Anonymously assist in proving information on how we can improve and customise our Services to meet tailored specific interests and needs.
  • Continuously make improvements to our Services by testing changes and improving on them.

Your Rights Regarding the Personal Data

The user is within their rights to be informed of the information that is being collected and/or stored as a result of their use of the Site. Within the reasonable and applicable legislation, the user is entitled to have their Data provided in a structured electronic format. The user is entitled to be informed of all Third Party transfers of their Personal Data.

The principal rights and entitlements applicable to European Economic Area jurisdiction regulation (the General Data Protection Regulation) are as follows:

  • Individuals are entitled to access any provided by them to use information.
  • Entitled to rectify or amend their personal information.
  • Entitled to delete their information from at any time from the Site.
  • Entitled to exercise restriction on any processing of personal information.
  • Entitled to port their data to where they deem applicable.
  • Entitled to forward any complaint to an authorised supervisor.
  • Entitled to withdraw their consent on the Site.

The user, depending on their relationship with the Us, can have a certain level of control over how their Personal Data is treated on exercising any of the abovementioned rights. For further information, use to contact us.